The Divine Comedy through images. Valdonega Edizioni. Photographic book on Dante’s Divine Comedy

Divine Comedy through images. 

Photographic book on Dante's masterpiece.

In the sincere commitment to try and bring pulsating visual emotions to the reader, the author offers a series of images that were originally taken from real shoots and are mixed with classical statues and their details and landscapes, skies and natural backgrounds that have been changed through the use of creative interventions on the colour and light with a clear interpretative motive.

The volume reproposes groups of tercets of Cantos that have been selected with the awareness that there is no possibility of extrapolation beyond the complex meaning of the work, and to confirm the supremacy of the written word on the “illustrations” with absolute reverence.

Edizione Valdonega, Verona. December 2012
86 pages
39 illustrations
Hardcover - 18 x 21 cm
Contributors: G. Fontana, G. Nuvoli, P. Riccardi.



October 2007

About a Violance

Collective Photo exhibition - Associazione Cerchi d’Acqua against women violence– Lattuada Space Milan.

April 2010

Photographers solitary paths

Collective photo exhibition S. Maria in Chiavica Verona.

March 2011

Quando l'eroe è donna

Official Venice Carnival Exhibition. Cà Zanardi spazio ART&fortELAB. Venice.

June 2011

Statuae Vivae

Colorno Photolife 2011. Reggia di Colorno (PR).

September 2011

Spoleto Art Festival

Collective of art. Spoleto.

February 2012

Colori d'Italia

Artisti Italiani Bulgaria. Collective of art. Art Gallery Silistra.

September 2015

Dante 750°

Collective exhibition about Dante’s Divine Comedy. Organized by University of Milan. Verona April 2015 – Sala Rossa Loggia di Frà Giocondo. Milan, Sforzesco Castle.


September 2007

A New day is Coming

Sala Birolli ex Verona Slaughterhouse.

September 2008

A new Day is coming

A New day is Coming – Spazio Bibli Rome.

July 2010

Unconventional pieces

S. Pietro al Duomo. Verona.

February 2011


L’Acanto gallery. Milan.

April 2015

In the dark wood

Milan Photoshow. Made4Art Gallery.

June 2018 - April  2019

Statuae Vivae in Baia

This Project was exhibited at Archeological Museum of Campi Flegrei, in Baia Castle (NA) from June 2018 to April 2019.

     October 2021 -
November 2021

Statuae Vivae

National Roman Museum, Altemps Palace, Rome.


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Sergio Visciano is a geologist and photographer based in Verona, Italy.

He lived in different italian cities as Rome, Venice, Padua, Ferrara, Naples, that allowed him to deepen the knowledge of precious masterpieces.

In the firts years of University he participated to many archeologists sessions.

After many professional photographic courses from 2012 to 2016 spent many time in Mauro Fiorese’s study, ‘till his premature death.

In 2012 attended a course for contemporary event manager that allows him to study the major contemporary artistic movements at A+A Gallery in Venice.

Since 2007 he has been engaged in the production of artistic projects.



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